Ercol Refinishing Service

We offer a comprehensive refinishing service to customers, wishing to have their own Ercol Furniture restored.

The Refinishng Process

Refinishing involves several processes.  The first is to ensure the piece is structurally sound, which may require us to dismantlle a piece to repair loose/broken joints or cracks etc.  The next step is to remove or prepare the existing finish, ready for whatever finishing process is required.  Typically, we rough sand table tops mechanically, but then hand finish to ensure perfectly smooth surfaces, prior to applying finishes and final polishing.   See below for an example of our work - this is an Ercol Windsor Plank Table, which we rescued from a damp old shed.....

Below is a slightly more radical restoration job we had to undertake.  In order to breath new life into an Ercol Breakfast Table, which had suffered a complete failure of all glue joints, we had to completely disassemble the table down to individual component parts, which then had to be trimmed, dressed, glued and clamped.  It was never going to be absolutely perfect, but it was a huge improvement and will be good for another few years.